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Open Match Results

18th August 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)45lb 7oz44lb 7oz36lb 3oz
11th August 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)53lb 6oz44lb 1oz39lb 3oz
4th August 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)75lb51lb 3oz48lb 14oz
28th July 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)42lb 10oz37lb 5oz29lb 8oz
21st July 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)33lb 9oz26lb 6oz25lb 11oz
14th July 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)47lb 1oz28lb 1oz22lb 15oz
7th July 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)54lb 2oz39lb 9oz38lb 9oz
30th June 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)70lb 4oz51lb 13oz51lb 8oz
23rd June 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)47lb 15oz30lb 3oz26lb 4oz
16th June 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)63lb 5oz43lb 8oz43lb 2oz
9th June 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)33lb 6oz22lb 15oz9lb 7oz
2nd June 2016
(3 hour evening match)
54lb 10oz35lb 8oz34lb 14oz
26th May 2016
(3 hour evening match)
57lb 13oz27lb23lb 9oz
19th May 2016
(3 hour evening match)
38lb 10oz20lb 6oz18lb 5oz
12th May 2016
(3 hour evening match)
52lb 8oz34lb 5oz31lb 11oz
5th May 2016 (evening match, 3 hours)46lb 12oz 40lb 10oz31lb 13oz

News Flash

The match pond match weight record has been broken with a new weigh of lbs 178.04 Oz’s by Graham Palmer, Thursday 28th July 2018